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  • WOLF

    SKU: 922102

    The NiteSite Wolf is our 850nm medium range strike unit.

    Delivering high quality, clear night vision. The WOLF provides maximum versatility and huge advantage to the night hunter. NITESITE WOLF is the perfect night vision unit for any hunter, delivering high quality, clear night vision through any day vision rifle scope. Uses 850nm infrared illumination (invisible to people and animals) to literally illuminate the target area immediately in front of where the rifle scope is aiming, allowing target detection up to 330 Yards away. The infrared image is then captured through the rifle scope by a camera attached to the scopes eyepiece and then viewed via the units integral 3.5 inch LCD screen..


      We offer a 10 day trial period for all our scope mounted and handheld products, if you are not satisfied with the item and wish to return it, notify us within that 10 day period, (starting from the day you recieved the item) and return it to us for a full refund. The items must be returned in perfect condition to enable us to refund you in full.

      However, please contact us to discuss any issues that you may have, so that we can resolve them for you.

      Our product warranty period is 2 years, with the exception of the Sentinel range, (Handheld) and any lithium ion batteries that come with a 1 year warranty period. 

      If there is an issue with your item, we offer an excellent customer care service. Contact us to notify us of the issue ASAP so that we can issue you with a return shipment label. We have an in-house repair department, which will repair your item quickly and return it to you in fully working order within a few days*. 

      *Depening on your location and our work schedule at the particulat time.



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